We are living on the edge of climate crisis. In a time that is driven by mass demand, in which
fast and easy production of goods, regardless of sustainability or environmental impact is a
priority. Leather Tanneries are a typical example of this approach - high carbon footprint due
to cattle breeding, water intoxication and enormous air pollution. This is the price that the
planet pays for consumers eagerness.

Since 5 000 BC, humans were able to create leather-like material from wood-inhabiting
fungus Fomes fomentarius. This craft has passed from one to another for 7 000 years until it

Mycophyta 2.0 is an object that reflects all the history, advantages and qualities that are
beyond believes that the world of fungi can offer to us.

consulted in collaboration with Mgr. Jakub Skřivánek from the department of Experimental Plant Biology at Charles University in Prague

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